MOZA TSW Truck Wheel


The world’s first steering wheel tailor-made for truck simulators. Featuring the popular four-spoke design, it combines a modern yet classic appearance with chrome accents. It utilizes the common 400mm diameter found in real truck steering wheels. The steering wheel rim is crafted with perforated and textured microfiber leather, providing both ample friction and a delicate, soft textured feel. It can be directly connected to a PC via MOZA’s universal adapter, making it compatible with third-party bases outside of MOZA’s ecosystem, showcasing MOZA’s open and inclusive ecosystem philosophy.


  • Size: 400mm
  • Wheel rim material: Aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Spoke and hub casing: Polymer composite
  • Short travel backlit buttons: 14
  • Aluminum thumbwheels: 2
  • Ultra-thin joysticks: 2
  • RGB LED Light Beads: 10
  • LED colors: 16.7 million
  • Intelligent telemetry: Supported
  • Release method: All-aluminum quick release
  • Communication method: Wireless and wired
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all MOZA bases, works with 3rd party bases via the MOZA hub.
  • Truck Mount: Optional

MOZA TSW Truck Wheel contains the following products

  • Moza Racing TSW Truck Steering Wheel

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.


The MOZA TSW Steering Wheel delivers a thrilling racing experience with its lifelike force feedback, responsive controls, and premium build quality. Compatible with various gaming platforms, it offers customizable settings for personalized gameplay. Enjoy immersive racing like never before with the MOZA TSW Steering Wheel

Additional information

Weight 7.3 lbs
Dimensions 17.9 × 5.7 × 18.1 in

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