MOZA R16 Direct Drive Wheel Base


Elevate your sim racing experience with the Moza R16 Wheel Base, a marvel of engineering designed for enthusiasts demanding unmatched precision and reliability. This wheel base stands out with its robust all-aluminum alloy body, ensuring durability and stability even in the most intense racing scenarios.


  • High-Resolution Feedback: With 262,144 points of resolution, the R16 offers incredibly detailed force feedback, allowing drivers to feel every aspect of the track and car behavior with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Advanced Temperature Control: Engineered for superior temperature control, the R16 maintains optimal performance and prevents overheating, ensuring consistent output during long racing sessions.
  • Wireless Convenience: Featuring cutting-edge wireless power and communication technology, the R16 eliminates latency and clutter, providing a seamless, cable-free connection for your racing setup.
  • Powerful Quad Core Architecture: At its core, the R16 utilizes a quad-core processor, delivering robust and reliable performance that handles the demands of sim racing with ease.
  • MOZA Pit House Software: Tailor your racing experience with the MOZA Pit House control software and app, offering extensive customization options to fine-tune your settings to perfection.
  • Impressive Force Feedback: Equipped with a 16 Nm servo motor, the R16 delivers strong and realistic force feedback, putting you in the heart of the action for an immersive racing experience.

The Moza R16 Direct Drive Wheel Base contains the following products

  • R16 Wheel Base
  • Power supply
  • Power cord – AC cable (1.5m) & DC cable (1.8m)
  • USB cable (1.8m)
  • Quick start guide & Warranty Card

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.


The MOZA R16 sim racing wheelbase is a formidable powerhouse that combines performance and style. With a peak torque of 16 Nm, it delivers impressive force feedback for an immersive racing experience. The all-aluminum alloy body and a sleek supercar-inspired design ensure great reliability without compromising on style. With hands-off protection and ultra-low static torque, you can focus on the race without distractions. Featuring 262,144 points of resolution, every subtle movement is faithfully captured. Take control with the MOZA Pit House App Control, allowing you to fine-tune settings with ease and jump into the race with its one-click launching features.


Additional information

Weight 29.76 lbs
Dimensions 20.87 × 16.93 × 8.66 in

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