MOZA HBP Handbraker


Experience the ultimate in racing realism with the MOZA HBP Handbrake. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, it’s wear-resistant and built to last. Equipped with a non-contact 16-bit high precision angle sensor, adjustable angles, and brake force, this handbrake offers precise control tailored to your preferences. Direct connection to your PC or MOZA wheelbase ensures seamless integration, while its ergonomic design makes mounting a breeze. Elevate your racing experience with the MOZA HBP Handbrake today.


  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Body: Durable construction for longevity.
  • 16-bit High Precision Angle Sensor: Ensures precise feedback.
  • Adjustable Angles & Brake Force: Customizable settings for optimal performance.
  • Direct Connection to PC or Wheelbase: Seamless integration for smooth control.

MOZA HBP Handbraker contains the following product

  • Handbrake base
  • Handbrake lever
  • 1 Philips screwdriver
  • 1 Flathead screwdriver
  • 1 Spring (blue color)
  • 2 Hex screws
  • 2 data cables – USB-b(1.8m) / RJ45 (2m)
  • 2 hex screws (come with flat pads, spring pads, and nuts)
  • 2 umbrella head screws (come with flat pads)
  • 3 Allen wrenches
  • 1 Damper
  • 2 Damper spacers

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.


Experience precise control and durability with the MOZA HBP Handbrake. Elevate your racing setup with this compact and reliable accessory.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.8 × 4.6 in

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