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  • moza clamp for tsw wheel

    MOZA Clamp For TSW Wheel

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    Elevate your driving sim experience with the Clamp for Truck Wheel, engineered with robust high-strength steel for unparalleled durability. With versatile adjustments from 0 to 75 degrees and easy installation options, it’s the perfect fit for any rig within the MOZA ecosystem, ensuring a secure and immersive drive every time.


    • High-Strength Steel Build: Crafted from 4-6mm thick high-strength steel for unmatched durability.
    • Versatile Angle Adjustment: Adjust angles from 0 to 75 degrees for customizable steering wheel height and angle.
    • Flexible Installation: Easily clamp onto desktops (3-70mm thickness) or mount onto aluminum profiles.
    • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all MOZA bases for seamless integration into your setup.
  • moza e stop switch 5moza e stop switch 3 png

    MOZA E-Stop Switch

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    Immerse yourself in the thrill of racing games with peace of mind using the MOZA E-stop Switch. Offering personalized protection with multiple modes, choose from three connection options to suit your preferences. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, this switch ensures both style and functionality for a reliable gaming experience.


    • Personalized Protection: The MOZA E-stop Switch provides customizable safety measures with three connection and protection modes.
    • Mode 1: Direct PC Connection: Connects directly to the PC via USB cable, deactivating force feedback temporarily upon switch activation and restoring it upon release.
    • Mode 2: Base DASH Connection: Links to the base via RJ11 cable, offering the same force feedback deactivation function as Mode 1.
    • Mode 3: Base E-STOP Port Connection: Connects to the base’s E-STOP port via RJ9 cable, providing a complete power cut-off upon switch activation, requiring manual restart of the base for force feedback restoration.
    • Aluminum Alloy Construction: Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, ensuring both durability and style in its design and functionality.


  • moza handbrake shifter table clamp 6moza handbrake shifter table clamp 1

    MOZA Handbrake/shifter Table Clamp

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    Introducing the MOZA Handbrake/Shifter Table Clamp, crafted from high-strength steel with a hard-wearing black finish. Designed to securely mount the MOZA HBP Handbrake/Shifter to your table, it offers high clamping force for desktops up to 60mm thick, ensuring stability and reliability for your setup.


    • High-Strength Steel Construction: Provides durability with a hard-wearing black finish.
    • Secure Clamping: Offers high clamping force for stability on desktops up to 60mm thick.
    • Ergonomic Mounting: Enables easy and secure attachment of the MOZA HBP Handbrake/Shifter to your table for improved positioning during use.
  • moza hbp handbraker 4moza hbp handbraker 3

    MOZA HBP Handbraker

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    Experience the ultimate in racing realism with the MOZA HBP Handbrake. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, it’s wear-resistant and built to last. Equipped with a non-contact 16-bit high precision angle sensor, adjustable angles, and brake force, this handbrake offers precise control tailored to your preferences. Direct connection to your PC or MOZA wheelbase ensures seamless integration, while its ergonomic design makes mounting a breeze. Elevate your racing experience with the MOZA HBP Handbrake today.


    • Aviation Grade Aluminum Body: Durable construction for longevity.
    • 16-bit High Precision Angle Sensor: Ensures precise feedback.
    • Adjustable Angles & Brake Force: Customizable settings for optimal performance.
    • Direct Connection to PC or Wheelbase: Seamless integration for smooth control.

    MOZA HBP Handbraker contains the following product

    • Handbrake base
    • Handbrake lever
    • 1 Philips screwdriver
    • 1 Flathead screwdriver
    • 1 Spring (blue color)
    • 2 Hex screws
    • 2 data cables – USB-b(1.8m) / RJ45 (2m)
    • 2 hex screws (come with flat pads, spring pads, and nuts)
    • 2 umbrella head screws (come with flat pads)
    • 3 Allen wrenches
    • 1 Damper
    • 2 Damper spacers
  • moza hgp shifter 6moza hgp shifter 5

    MOZA HGP Shifter

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    The MOZA HGP Shifter is CNC machined from anodized aviation-grade aluminum. It is solid, sturdy, and reliable. It features seven forward and one reverse gear, meeting the needs of multiple simulation scenarios. MOZA RACING’s patented intelligent downshift system eliminates the need for heel and toe shift expertise. It is fully selectable and customizable in the MOZA Pit House and significantly improves vehicle balance and smoothness during downshifts. Shift your racing experience up a gear with the MOZA Racing HGP Shifter.


    • Full Metal Construction: Built with sturdy metal for durability and reliability.
    • 15-bit High Precision Angle Sensor: Ensures precise and accurate angle detection for responsive performance.
    • H Pattern with Locked R and 7th Gear: Offers a traditional H pattern with locked reverse (R) and 7th gear for authentic racing experience.
    • Direct Connection to PC or Wheelbase: Allows seamless integration and control with either a PC or wheelbase, simplifying setup and operation.

    MOZA HGP Shifter contains the following products

    • Shifter x 1
    • Shifter knob x 1
    • USB-B to USB-A cable x 1 (1.8m)
    • RJ11 Cable x 1 (1.5m)
    • M6 screws and spacers
    • Allen key
  • moza quick release adapter 3moza quick release adapter 2 png

    MOZA Quick Release Adapter

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    Introducing the MOZA Quick Release Adapter, designed to enhance your driving setup with ease. Compatible with all MOZA Bases (note: third-party wheels support steering function only), this adapter brings the feel of real racing cars to your setup. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it ensures durability and quality assurance for your driving experience.


    • Universal Compatibility: Works with all MOZA Bases, with limited support for third-party wheels (steering function only).
    • Racing Car Origin: Inspired by real racing car components for an authentic driving experience.
    • Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested for reliability and durability.
    • Aluminum Alloy Housing: Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy for lightweight yet robust construction.


  • moza r5 40mm to 66mm 4 holes adapter plate 3moza r5 40mm to 66mm 4 holes adapter plate 2

    MOZA R5 40mm to 66mm 4 holes Adapter Plate

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    Introducing the 40mm to 66mm Bolt Pattern Adapter, enhancing R5 mounting options for racing rigs with 66mm bolt patterns. Crafted with precision CNC machining from 5mm thick high-strength steel, it ensures secure and stable mounting while optimizing force feedback for an immersive racing experience.


    • Adaptability: Enables compatibility with racing rigs featuring 66mm bolt patterns, expanding mounting options.
    • Secure Mounting: Provides a secure 4-point mounting system for stability during use.
    • High-Strength Steel Construction: CNC machined with 5mm thick high-strength steel, ensuring durability and maximizing force feedback capability.
  • moza sgp shifter 5moza sgp shifter 4 jpg

    MOZA SGP Shifter

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    Experience ultimate racing immersion with premium all-metal construction gear shifter, engineered with aerospace-grade aluminum and high-strength steel. Precision design delivers smooth and accurate shifts, replicating the feel of a real sequential gearbox. MOZA shifter features a versatile multi-functional handle, a non-contact Hall sensor for consistent performance, customizable RGB backlit buttons, and personalized adjustability for comfort. Upgrade with an easy-to-change shifter knob and enjoy seamless PC connectivity. Tested for durability to ensure reliable, high-quality performance race after race.


    • All Metal Construction: Crafted with durable metal for long-lasting reliability and stability.
    • Versatile Multi-Functional Handle: Offers a range of functions for various tasks, providing flexibility in usage.
    • Stable Non-Contact Hall Sensor: Ensures high stability without wear, guaranteeing consistent and reliable shifting time after time.
    • Personalized Adjustability: Allows for customization to suit individual preferences.
    • Fully Customizable: Offers extensive customization options to tailor settings and controls according to user preferences.
    • Seamless Connectivity: Ensures effortless connection to compatible devices for smooth and uninterrupted operation.
  • moza sr p accessory kit for srp pedal webp

    MOZA SR-P Accessory Kit for SRP pedal

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    Introducing the SR-P Accessory Kit, designed to enhance your racing experience with 6 different foot feel combinations. Engineered to increase damping and shorten braking distance, catering to the demands of professional racers. Please note: this kit is an ADD-ON for SR-P Pedals and is not compatible with SR-P Lite Pedals.


    • Enhanced Foot Feel: Provides 6 combinations for customized racing experience.
    • Improved Performance: Increases damping and shortens braking distance for professional racers.
    • Compatibility: Designed for SR-P Pedals (not compatible with SR-P Lite Pedals).
  • moza universal base mount adapter

    MOZA Universal Base Mount Adapter

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    Introducing the Universal Base Mount Adapter: Designed for R9, R12, R16, and R21 base applications, it securely fixes onto support brackets for enhanced stability. For R5 base application, it converts 2 holes into 4 for more secure fastening, all made from high-strength steel for robustness and durability.


    • For R9, R12, R16, and R21 base applications: This adapter allows the base to be securely fixed onto the support bracket’s three holes, providing enhanced stability.
    • For R5 base application: Converts 2 holes into 4 holes for more secure fastening on the support bracket, ensuring greater stability.
    • Made from high-strength steel material, providing robustness and durability.
  • moza universal hub kit 5moza universal hub kit 3

    MOZA Universal HUB Kit

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    The MOZA Universal Hub Kit streamlines connectivity and expands compatibility for your racing simulation setup. With versatile mounting options and direct connections to your PC, it bridges the gap between third-party wheelbases and MOZA peripherals like the KS Steering Wheel and SR-P Lite Pedals.


    • Direct PC Connectivity: Connects MOZA FSR Formula Wheel and SR-P Lite Pedals directly to your PC for streamlined setup.
    • Increased Compatibility: Enhances compatibility with aviation-grade aluminum construction and multiple input ports.
    • Aviation Grade Aluminum Body: Ensures durability and rigidity for long-lasting performance.
    • Multiple Input Ports: Allows simultaneous connection of multiple MOZA Racing devices to a single USB port.
    • Dual Power Supply System: Ensures stable operation of power-consuming devices.

    MOZA Universal HUB Kit contains the following products

    • Wheelbase Mount Adapter
    • Extension Hub
    • Retractable Coil Cord for FSR wheel (3m)
    • USB Type-B Cable (1.8m)
    • USB Type-C Cable (1.8m)
    • 3M Adhesive

    Special Notes

    • The MOZA FSR formula wheel needs the universal hub and wheelbase adapter to work with wheelbases outside the MOZA ecosystem.
    • For wheelbases that require communication with the FSR chip a compatible quick-release adapter is required
  • moza wheel base extension rod 3moza wheel base extension rod 2 png

    MOZA Wheel Base Extension Rod

    $119.00 Add to cart

    Enhance your racing setup with 15cm Base Shaft Extension, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum for a lightweight and sleek design. Extend the distance between the base and wheel, replicating a real racing car’s steering column while maintaining compatibility with various wheelbases. Keep your setup professional with the ability to hide the base behind a dashboard or monitor, and enjoy seamless wheel swaps with the retained quick-release mechanism.


    • Length Extension: Extends base shaft by 15cm, increasing distance from base to wheel by 150mm.
    • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum: Precision-machined from lightweight aluminum alloy for durability.
    • Quick-Release Compatibility: Retains full functionality for easy swapping of MOZA steering wheels.
    • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all MOZA Wheel bases for seamless integration.

    MOZA Wheel Base Extension Rod contains the following products

    • Extension Kit
    • Wiring Harness
    • Mounting Screws
    • Hex Wrench
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