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  • moza clamp for tsw wheel

    MOZA Clamp For TSW Wheel

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    Elevate your driving sim experience with the Clamp for Truck Wheel, engineered with robust high-strength steel for unparalleled durability. With versatile adjustments from 0 to 75 degrees and easy installation options, it’s the perfect fit for any rig within the MOZA ecosystem, ensuring a secure and immersive drive every time.


    • High-Strength Steel Build: Crafted from 4-6mm thick high-strength steel for unmatched durability.
    • Versatile Angle Adjustment: Adjust angles from 0 to 75 degrees for customizable steering wheel height and angle.
    • Flexible Installation: Easily clamp onto desktops (3-70mm thickness) or mount onto aluminum profiles.
    • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all MOZA bases for seamless integration into your setup.
  • MOZA CRP Load Cell Pedals throttle brake and clutch4MOZA CRP Load Cell Pedals throttle brake and clutch3

    MOZA CRP Load Cell Pedals (throttle, brake and clutch)

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    Master your speed like a pro with the MOZA CRP Pedals. Featuring a 3-stage clutch for superior control. The CNC aluminum pedal assembly ensures sturdiness and reliability. Adjust the angle to suit your preference and optimize your performance. With its high-precision pressure sensor, every input is accurately detected.


    • Aluminum alloy construction: Provides durability and strength for reliable performance.
    • 0-100kg (0-220.5lbs) pressure sensor range: Enables precise detection and measurement of pedal pressure for accurate input.
    • Multi-stage clutch: Allows for a progressive engagement of the clutch, enhancing control and realism.
    • Pedal detachability: Allows for easy removal and installation of pedals, adapting to different gaming setups or preferences.
    • Adjustable pedal spacing: Provides flexibility to customize the distance between pedals for optimal comfort and performance.
    • 63°-83° adjustable pedal angle: Allows users to adjust the angle of the pedals to their preferred position for comfortable and ergonomic use
  • moza cs v2p steering wheel 4moza cs v2p steering wheel 3
    Steering Wheels

    MOZA CS V2P Steering Wheel

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    Unleash your racing potential with the CS V2P Steering Wheel from Moza Racing. Crafted with aviation-grade aluminum alloy, this wheel combines durability with a sleek aesthetic. Its Customized Quick Release feature ensures easy installation and removal. Experience precise gear changes with Carbon Fiber photoelectric shifter paddles, while the RGB sequential shifter light indicator adds a dynamic touch to your setup. With programmable mechanical key buttons, you can customize your controls to suit your preferences and dominate the track with precision and style.


    • Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame: Provides durability and strength for reliable performance.
    • Customized Quick Release: Allows for easy attachment and removal from compatible racing setups.
    • Magnetic Shifter: Offers precise and responsive shifting control for immersive gameplay.
    • Forged Carbon Fiber: Ensures lightweight yet sturdy construction for optimal handling.
    • RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator: Enhances realism with visual cues for optimal gear shifting.
    • Programmable Mechanical Key Buttons: Allows customization of controls for personalized gaming experiences.

    MOZA CS V2P Steering Wheel contains the following products

    • CS V2P Steering Wheel
    • Hexagon Wrench
    • Shifter Silence Pad*4
    • Shifter Booster block*2
  • moza e stop switch 5moza e stop switch 3 png

    MOZA E-Stop Switch

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    Immerse yourself in the thrill of racing games with peace of mind using the MOZA E-stop Switch. Offering personalized protection with multiple modes, choose from three connection options to suit your preferences. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, this switch ensures both style and functionality for a reliable gaming experience.


    • Personalized Protection: The MOZA E-stop Switch provides customizable safety measures with three connection and protection modes.
    • Mode 1: Direct PC Connection: Connects directly to the PC via USB cable, deactivating force feedback temporarily upon switch activation and restoring it upon release.
    • Mode 2: Base DASH Connection: Links to the base via RJ11 cable, offering the same force feedback deactivation function as Mode 1.
    • Mode 3: Base E-STOP Port Connection: Connects to the base’s E-STOP port via RJ9 cable, providing a complete power cut-off upon switch activation, requiring manual restart of the base for force feedback restoration.
    • Aluminum Alloy Construction: Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, ensuring both durability and style in its design and functionality.


  • moza es 12 wheel mod4moza es 12 wheel mod3
    Steering Wheels

    MOZA ES 12″ Wheel MOD

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    Upgrade your driving experience with the 12-inch Round Wheel Mod. Crafted for drifting enthusiasts, it offers a realistic feel with its 305mm diameter. Enjoy maximum comfort with ergonomic grips, microfiber leather, and an aluminum wheel rim. Despite its durability, it’s lightweight for improved responsiveness. Plus, shifter paddle extension blocks ensure seamless control.


    • Ergonomic Design: Engineered for comfort and precision driving.
    • Microfiber Leather Grips: Crafted for a luxurious feel and enhanced grip.
    • Aluminum Wheel Rim: Constructed from durable aviation-grade alloy for longevity.
    • Lightweight Design: Ensures improved responsiveness without compromising durability.
    • Shifter Paddle Extension Block: Included for added convenience and control during driving.
  • moza es formula wheel mod 2moza es formula wheel mod 1 png
    Steering Wheels

    MOZA ES Formula Wheel MOD

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    Introducing the 280mm Formula ES Wheel Mod, designed to elevate your racing experience to new heights. Crafted with a durable aviation-grade aluminum body, this mod transforms your ES Wheel into a 280mm Formula wheel, offering immersion, realism, and performance. With rubber grips for non-slip control and a racing-level quick-release system, you can effortlessly swap wheel rims for any racing scenario, ensuring a premium feel and ultimate convenience.


    • Formula Wheel Transformation: Converts the ES Wheel into a 280mm Formula wheel for immersive racing.
    • Aviation Grade Aluminum Body: Durable 4mm-thick aviation-grade aluminum alloy construction ensures responsiveness and longevity.
    • Rubber Grips: Non-slip, sweat-proof TPU rubber grips offer durability and premium feel.
    • Racing-Level Quick Release System: Effortlessly swap wheel rims for different racing scenarios with MOZA’s all-aluminum quick-release system.

    Special Notes

    • The ES Formula Wheel Mod is specially designed and adapted for the ES wheel.
  • moza es steering wheel 4moza es steering wheel 2 webp
    Steering Wheels

    MOZA ES Steering Wheel

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    Introducing the MOZA ES, your gateway to immersive racing thrills. With hand-stitched leather grips, comfort meets style seamlessly. The durable aluminum alloy frame ensures longevity and elegance. Transition effortlessly with the customized Quick Release from Real Racing. Dynamic RGB sequential shifter light indicators elevate your setup, while 22 programmable buttons offer full control over your racing style.


    • Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame: Provides durability and strength for reliable performance.
    • Customized Quick Release: Allows for easy installation and removal, tailored to fit various setups.
    • Magnetic Shifter: Enables precise and responsive gear changes, enhancing the gaming experience.
    • Forged Carbon Fiber: Ensures lightweight yet sturdy construction, optimizing handling and durability.
    • RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator: Adds visual feedback for gear shifting, enhancing realism and immersion.
    • Programmable Mechanical Key Buttons: Offers customization options for personalized controls, adapting to individual preferences and gameplay styles


  • moza fsr steering wheel 4 pngmoza fsr steering wheel 2 png
    Steering Wheels

    MOZA FSR Steering Wheel

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    Introducing the MOZA FSR, the ultimate in sim racing wheels. Feel the luxury with perforated leather grips for unbeatable comfort and grip. Its Toray carbon fiber build ensures durability and a sleek look. Shift gears with lightning speed using magnetic dual clutch paddles. Stay in command with the 4.3-inch digital dash for real-time racing data. Plus, the customized Quick-Release from Real Racing ensures smooth transitions. Personalize your experience with customizable RGB RPM and shift indicators for a vibrant touch to your setup.


    • Perforated Leather Grips: Offers a comfortable and tactile grip for extended racing sessions.
    • Toray Carbon Fiber: Provides lightweight yet sturdy construction for durability and performance.
    • Magnetic Dual Clutch Paddles: Ensures precise and responsive shifting control for immersive gameplay.
    • 4.3-inch Built-in Digital Dash: Displays real-time data and telemetry, enhancing the gaming or racing experience.
    • Customized Quick Release from Real Racing: Tailored quick-release mechanism for seamless integration and efficient setup, ensuring compatibility with Real Racing products.
    • Customizable RGB RPM and Shift Indicator: Allows users to personalize the color and style of RPM and shift indicators for a customized visual experience, adding to the immersion of the gaming environment.
  • moza gs v2p formula wheel faux leather 5moza gs v2p formula wheel faux leather 1
    Steering Wheels

    MOZA GS V2P Formula Wheel (Faux Leather)

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    Immerse yourself in the authentic feel of being behind the wheel of a real racing car with the MOZA GS V2P Formula Wheel. Equipped with magnetic shift paddles, you can seamlessly shift gears at lightning speed without removing your hands from the wheel. The RGB switching indicator ensures you always hit the perfect shift timing. With 21 assignable controls, including various buttons, you have the flexibility to fine-tune settings during races, enhancing your overall racing experience to new heights.


    • Grip Material: Alcantara
    • Framework Material: 5 mm-thick, forged carbon fiber
    • Paddle Module Material: 3 mm-thick, forged carbon fiber
    • Size: 300mm standard racing wheel diameter
    • Shift Paddles: 2 magnetic paddles
    • Dual Clutch Paddles: 2
    • Buttons: 10 (Luminous)
    • Thumb Knobs: 2
    • Front Knobs: 5
    • LED RGB Lights: 10
    • LED Colors: 7 custom colors
    • Intelligent Telemetry: Supported
    • Paddle Sensor: Photoelectric Non-contact Switch
    • D1 spec racing’s quick release
    • MOZA Pit House Control Software, APP Control

    MOZA GS V2P Formula Wheel contains the following products

    • GT Steering Wheel
    • Tool Kit: Hexagon screwdriver / Mute pad x 4
    • Portable cloth bag
  • moza handbrake shifter table clamp 6moza handbrake shifter table clamp 1

    MOZA Handbrake/shifter Table Clamp

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    Introducing the MOZA Handbrake/Shifter Table Clamp, crafted from high-strength steel with a hard-wearing black finish. Designed to securely mount the MOZA HBP Handbrake/Shifter to your table, it offers high clamping force for desktops up to 60mm thick, ensuring stability and reliability for your setup.


    • High-Strength Steel Construction: Provides durability with a hard-wearing black finish.
    • Secure Clamping: Offers high clamping force for stability on desktops up to 60mm thick.
    • Ergonomic Mounting: Enables easy and secure attachment of the MOZA HBP Handbrake/Shifter to your table for improved positioning during use.
  • moza hbp handbraker 4moza hbp handbraker 3

    MOZA HBP Handbraker

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    Experience the ultimate in racing realism with the MOZA HBP Handbrake. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, it’s wear-resistant and built to last. Equipped with a non-contact 16-bit high precision angle sensor, adjustable angles, and brake force, this handbrake offers precise control tailored to your preferences. Direct connection to your PC or MOZA wheelbase ensures seamless integration, while its ergonomic design makes mounting a breeze. Elevate your racing experience with the MOZA HBP Handbrake today.


    • Aviation Grade Aluminum Body: Durable construction for longevity.
    • 16-bit High Precision Angle Sensor: Ensures precise feedback.
    • Adjustable Angles & Brake Force: Customizable settings for optimal performance.
    • Direct Connection to PC or Wheelbase: Seamless integration for smooth control.

    MOZA HBP Handbraker contains the following product

    • Handbrake base
    • Handbrake lever
    • 1 Philips screwdriver
    • 1 Flathead screwdriver
    • 1 Spring (blue color)
    • 2 Hex screws
    • 2 data cables – USB-b(1.8m) / RJ45 (2m)
    • 2 hex screws (come with flat pads, spring pads, and nuts)
    • 2 umbrella head screws (come with flat pads)
    • 3 Allen wrenches
    • 1 Damper
    • 2 Damper spacers
  • moza hgp shifter 6moza hgp shifter 5

    MOZA HGP Shifter

    $149.00 Add to cart

    The MOZA HGP Shifter is CNC machined from anodized aviation-grade aluminum. It is solid, sturdy, and reliable. It features seven forward and one reverse gear, meeting the needs of multiple simulation scenarios. MOZA RACING’s patented intelligent downshift system eliminates the need for heel and toe shift expertise. It is fully selectable and customizable in the MOZA Pit House and significantly improves vehicle balance and smoothness during downshifts. Shift your racing experience up a gear with the MOZA Racing HGP Shifter.


    • Full Metal Construction: Built with sturdy metal for durability and reliability.
    • 15-bit High Precision Angle Sensor: Ensures precise and accurate angle detection for responsive performance.
    • H Pattern with Locked R and 7th Gear: Offers a traditional H pattern with locked reverse (R) and 7th gear for authentic racing experience.
    • Direct Connection to PC or Wheelbase: Allows seamless integration and control with either a PC or wheelbase, simplifying setup and operation.

    MOZA HGP Shifter contains the following products

    • Shifter x 1
    • Shifter knob x 1
    • USB-B to USB-A cable x 1 (1.8m)
    • RJ11 Cable x 1 (1.5m)
    • M6 screws and spacers
    • Allen key
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