A Groundbreaking Launch at King of the Hammers 2024

United Sim Co. and BeamNG, Host New King of the Hammers Sim Racing Experience, Driving Innovation in Off-Road Simulation

The United States’ largest off-road racing event, the 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries (KOH), successfully concluded its annual multi-week racing event. Known for its diverse racing through unforgiving desert terrain, fan entertainment, and innovative brand-sponsored activations, the 2024 KOH event brought yet another industry-first with its introduction of the KOH Simulator Experience. The Simulator Experience provided attendees and VIPs the opportunity to experience driving & racing inside of 4 brand-new and professionally built racing simulators which featured premier Ultra4 & unlimited desert racing vehicles in a virtual replica of the 2024 King Of The Hammers race course.

The Simulator Experience was the launching point for the industry’s newest company and Official Simulator of KOH, United Sim Co. United Sim Co. hosted the experience alongside global simulator game giant and Official Simulation Game of KOH, BeamNG. United Sim Co. utilized KOH as a launch platform to introduce their new all-inclusive sim racing brand which aims to provide consumers and enthusiasts of all experience levels a one-stop-shop making learning about and purchasing sim racing hardware easy.

Joseph Joey D DiGiovanni United Sim Co Founder 2

Owned and Founded by off-road and motorsports industry veteran, Joseph “Joey D.” DiGiovanni, United Sim Co. will also be a community hub to connect, race, and share with other sim racing enthusiasts. The company also provides consumers with professional turnkey simulator options designed to fit most budgets while also offering expert guidance for those looking to build their own. All of this comes in addition to providing OEM and aftermarket automotive companies with turnkey marketing solutions for implementing simulators into their consumer & industry event and engagement strategies.

A Partnership That Redefines Simulation

The KOH Simulator Experience was also attended and hosted by BeamNG who together with the United Sim Co. team, unveiled a seismic shift in the off-road racing and automotive simulation landscape. Together they showcased BeamNG’s industry-leading soft body physics simulation game and provided enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the first non-short course off-road racing simulation. For the first time, off-road racers and enthusiasts now have the opportunity to drive and race a simulator that gives them real-life performance, feedback, and tuning capabilities, putting off-road one step closer to having a real simulation tool for training & product testing.

jared samuelson beam ng vehicle lead designer

Jared Samuelson, the Vehicle Team Lead for BeamNG, shared his appreciation for the collaborative effort: “I am the vehicle lead for BeamNG, and I want to thank United Sim Co. for connecting us to King of the Hammers, also their modding division for modding the game to be closer to the real event. They also did a great job of getting the sims out there and having people try out BeamNG! It was especially cool to see engineers and race drivers try it and give feedback as well. Also, thanks to King of the Hammers for making BeamNG the official KOH simulator. One of my favorite off-road events to attend and is amazing to build a closer relationship with them! Thank you all for creating a super fun two weeks for us and allowing more people to experience what BeamNG can do!”

The collaboration between United Sim Co., BeamNG, and King of the Hammers has set a new standard in the realm of automotive simulations. Through the shared vision and effort, this partnership has not only brought to life a groundbreaking simulation experience at KOH but also forged a deeper connection within the off-road community. BeamNG’s involvement, as highlighted by Jared Samuelson, underscores the collective commitment to innovation and the immersive enjoyment of simulation enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Moza Racing: Elevating the Experience

The journey to KOH 2024 was further empowered by the incredible support from Moza Racing. With their assistance, United Sim Co. brought their turnkey chassis solutions to the forefront, demonstrating to the North American audience that high-quality simulation is now more accessible than ever. Moza Racing’s contribution helped United Sim Co. underscore its mission: to lower the barriers of entry into the sim racing hobby and establish a comprehensive 360-degree simulator company. This includes offering turnkey simulators equipped with everything enthusiasts need to start racing, backed by expert support before and after purchase, and providing B2B marketing solutions to integrate simulators into consumer and industry event activations.

2024 king of the hammers united sim co beam ng car racing sim moza rseat 2

Showcasing Hardware and Software Capabilities

Over 600 enthusiasts participated in the KOH Simulator Experience over the course of 7 days at King of the Hammers. The experience also passed out daily prizes including full simulator wheel & pedal bundles for competitors who logged the fastest laps. However, it was the quality of the simulators and the simulation itself that had the biggest impact on attendees. United Sim Co. showcased not only its hardware but also its software design and in-game BeamNG modeling capabilities by customizing a real-life replica of the KOH race course for everyone to race on in addition to implementing other true-to-life race vehicles.

While the initial aim of KOH 2024 was to showcase the collaborative innovation between United Sim Co. and BeamNG, the event took an exciting turn due to the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm from the attendees. This led not only to the sale of numerous Moza R5 sim bundles, featuring a wheel, direct drive, desktop mount, and pedals for less than $500 but also to a special giveaway. In a highlight of daily fast lap contests, United Sim Co. was thrilled to reward the top performers in the Power Hour and Desert Challenge courses with Moza R5 sim bundles. This gesture was their way of celebrating the skill and passion that define the off-road racing community. Moreover, United Sim Co. sold several of their demo simulators, freshly built for KOH, directly off the floor.

Needless to say, the world of simulation has hit off-road and looks to finally be leaving its mark.

bj baldwin united sim co 2024 king of the hammers

Acclaim from the Pros

The KOH Simulator Experience wasn’t just an eye-opener for enthusiasts and newcomers; it captivated the hearts of seasoned professional drivers as well. Icons of the off-road racing world, including BJ Baldwin, Cameron Steele, Jason Scherer, RJ & Ronnie Anderson, Todd Romano, and many others, were unanimous in their praise for the unparalleled realism and dynamic nature of the United Sim Co. Racing Simulators.
Their amazement underscored the event’s success in showcasing the simulators’ capabilities. BJ Baldwin was particularly impressed with the braking system, noting that it felt “exactly like my trophy truck,” highlighting the simulator’s accuracy and attention to detail. Jason Scherer marveled at the realistic visuals, emphasizing the significance of this technology for off-road racers, builders, and engineers. The ability to have actual race vehicles modeled into BeamNG opens up unprecedented opportunities for driver training and vehicle testing, marking a significant advancement in the field.

This professional endorsement not only validates the efforts of United Sim Co. but also points to the bright future of sim racing as an essential tool for training and entertainment within the off-road community.

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Looking Forward

The King of the Hammers Simulator Experience was more than just an event; it was a bold statement on the future of off-road racing simulation. As the team reflects on the success of the launch and rollout, it is filled with gratitude for the community’s reception and excitement about the road ahead. United Sim Co., alongside its partners BeamNG and Moza Racing, is just getting started. They remain committed to innovating, engaging, and elevating the sim racing experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Stay tuned to the website and follow United Sim Co. social media for updates on future events, product releases, and more insights into the world of sim racing.

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